Scanning and OCR Services

May 30, 2017

Scanning and OCR Services

Outsource OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Services

With dozens of documents at their removal, organizations are finding it lengthy and expensive to carry out manual data entry work. The optical character identification services of a professional can come to your support

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a area in data entry where devices go through text from paper and change them into soft copies. These soft copies can shortly be stored, recovered and edited by persons or devices. This results in compact paper management prices and easy access to precious information.

OCR services by Global Data Entry Solutions

Global Data Entry Solutions offers OCR services by mixing the most up-to-date in image attainment and image improvement technologies. We can collect information from old paper files, resumes, applications, forms, address labels, etc.

Global Data Entry Solutions can change documents in entire or particular segments into digital files. You can utilize these copies in your document management systems or multitude it on your website. Global Data Entry Solutions can also offer onsite document scanning for very responsive or valuable documents which you would not want to leave on your location

You can use our OCR services in the following aspects:

  • Photographs
  • Artwork
  • Brochures
  • Marketing materials
  • Flyers
  • Resumes and application forms
  • Tax forms, payroll forms, salary slips
  • Colored text or black text on white paper
  • Spreadsheet into Excel Conversion
  • Data Entry Services for Restaurant Menu Digitization

The OCR tools used at Global Data Entry Solutions

Our infrastructure comprises specific scanners with mechanical document feeders to give high resolution and more rapidly scanning. Scanned images are stored and changed into any file format, depending on your requirements and document management procedures.

While many consumers at present choose the delivery of documents in PDF or TIFF layouts images, at 300 dpi, we can send digital images and index information in layouts particular by clients.

Global Data Entry Solutions makes use of various OCR resources consisting of typewritten OCR, cursive OCR, music OCR, hand print OCR and MICR. We also utilize OCR software, for the identification of writing and printing.

Outsource optical character recognition services at Global Data Entry Solutions

By working with combined data entry and changing information into written electronic formats, Global Data Entry Solution’s OCR services can assist you lessen data entry errors and the provide you the capacity to manage higher loads.


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