Data Capture Services

May 29, 2017

Data Capture Services

Outsource Document Imaging and Data Capture Services

Document imaging generally belong to obtaining data from physical resources including paper documents, forms, receipts, microfilms and photographs, and also changing them to an electronic layout, also recognized as electronic data capture (EDC). Changing data from physical layouts to digital means is a multi-part procedure particularly if the number of documents managed is quite big. Through document scanning and data capture services, it is very possible to digitize large amounts in very short timelines.

Our data capture systems cover these business segments are:-

  1. Paper to image Adaptation – We can change high amounts of paper documents into digital pictures of a range of file formats. This can be advance processed and can be also get stored in an archived record.
  1. Data capture and imaging from coupons, vouchers and receipts – We can catch information from sales coupons, promotional vouchers and buying receipts.
  1. Microfilms, cards, magnetic tapes and photo data capture – We can also grasp data from sources like magnetic storage devices and cards, and procedure the data into microfilms which can be easily recovered anytime.
  1. Verify scanning and imaging – Checks and legal documents comprise of susceptible information that requires to be managed wisely. Changing data from checks through OCR and ICR allows you to firmly store and recover information from them any point of time.
  1. Forms capture – We can accumulate information from forms, change them into images and stock up them in a database after done processing.

Advantages of outsourcing data capture services

  • Save more space and filing cabinet by removing physical papers and changing them into digital layouts. This changes to cash saved on infrastructure and office kit every year.
  • Lessen administrative outgoings and staff rates. While handling with traditional papers, a lot of time is used by your staff, recovering and managing the documents. Never misplace data yet again With digitized documents, data can be stored safe and sound in different areas. This enables for higher safekeeping than paper documents.
  • Obtain a competitive benefit. In today’s varying market, it is very important to find your solutions out to the market prior to your competition. An unwieldy data management system can frustrate your likelihood of thrashing your competition and obtaining more business. A potent document management solution can jump you into potential customer satisfaction and a superior competitive gain.


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