Insurance Claim Forms Processing

May 29, 2017

Insurance Claim Forms Processing

Data entry and processing for insurance claims is a intricate procedure that needs very close  attention to feature and fulfillment with a range of authoritarian standards. Moreover to this, it is important to the industry that claims should be finished and filed on time. Global Data Entry Solutions, a top data entry company, offers bespoke solutions that assist insurance companies augment efficiency and diminish costs by professionally handling their insurance claims.

Advantages of Outsourcing Data Entry of Insurance Claims

Outsourcing your insurance claims data entry and processing requires to an offshore service provider is a great choice, as it offers data in a database-ready layout for fast confirmation of claims and makes sure exact costs.

Insurance Claims Data Entry at Global Data Entry Solutions

At Global Data Entry Solutions, provide flawless solutions for

  • Disability claim forms
  • Dismemberment claim forms
  • HCFA( Health Care Financing Administration) data entry
  • CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) forms
  • Death claim forms
  • UB(Uniform Billing) data entry
  • ADA claims forms
  • Critical illness claim forms
  • Hospitalization claim forms

Why Choose Global Data Entry Solutions?

Global Data Entry Solutions has lots of decades experience in the segment of data entry and offers the finest service in terms of quality and cost. Here are our top differentiators.

  • Guarantee of higher quality productivity, with an precision rate of greater than 98% through regular quality control audits
  • Capacity to take on high volumes of workload and done it within exact time frame
  • More and more price savings due to lessened labour force and infrastructure costs
  • Accessibility 24×7 hours employees with training in achieving data accurately from hard copy insurance claim forms and going it into software systems as each client specific electronic format
  • Stipulation of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), which augmented productivity rates and overall output
  • Agreement with all regulatory standards like ISO and HIPAA
  • Amplified ability to spotlight on core-business areas without any interruption
  • 24×7 customer service with instantaneous status reporting
  • Client definite output formats obtained and conveyed through dedicated VPN (Virtual Private Network), protected FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites or digital media

Our extensive array of dedicated services cover a range of kinds of data entry, data mining, data extraction, large volume data processing, data conversion, insurance claims processing and forms processing. All our services are cutting-edge and affordable.


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