Insurance Claim Data Entry

May 22, 2017

Insurance Claim Data Entry

Outsource Insurance Claims Data Entry Services

Data entry and processing available for insurance claims is a intricate procedure that needs huge concentration to aspect and agreement with a range of authoritarian standards. Besides this, it is vital to the business that claims should be done and filed promptly. Outsourcing is a perfect way out for industries who searching to improve their insurance claims data entry tasks without just compromise on quality. Global Data Entry Solutions, a top data entry firm, provides tailored solutions that assist insurance companies augment competence and lessen costs by professionally handling their insurance claims.

Advantages of Outsourcing Data Entry of Insurance Claims

Outsourcing your insurance claims in data entry and processing requirements with an offshore service provider is a really a great choice and it offers data in a database -set layout for speedy verification of claims and ensures correct payments.

Insurance Claims Data Entry with Global Data Entry Solutions

We at Global Data Entry Solutions, we have together the knowledge and the practice to manage data entry of any type of insurance claims. We have established ability in data entry for all-purpose insurance claims, demographic access, medical insurance claims, , UB92, HCFA 1500 / CMS 1500 and other multipart insurance forms.

Why Choose Global Data Entry Solutions?

  • Global Data Entry Solutions has above 18 years of experience in the sector of data entry and provides the most excellent services in terms of providing great quality and cost.
  • Guarantee of better quality productivity, with a precision speed of more than 98% throughout standard quality control reviews
  • Capability to take on elevated quantities of work pressure and done it within time limit
  • Accessibility of permanent employees with preparation in getting hold of data precisely from hard copy insurance claim application forms and going it into software techniques as per customer specific electronic layout
  • Fulfillment with all authoritarian standards such as ISO and HIPAA
  • Augmented capability to spotlight on core-business fields without any interruption
  • 24×7 customer service with concurrent status reporting
  • Terms of access to crucial information and eradication of tasks related with filing, recovering, copying and accumulating of paper papers
  • Customer explained productivity layouts obtained and send through committed VPN (Virtual Private Network), secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites or digital media

Our such extensive assortment of dedicated services completely cover up several types of data entry, data withdrawal, data removal, great amount data processing, data conversion, insurance and forms processing, and claims processing. All our flawless services are bespoke and most affordable.


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