OCR and ICR Services

May 30, 2017

OCR and ICR Services

Global Data Entry Solutions offer exceptional OCR services and ICR services that your business can grow up. We offer valuable OCR solutions by merging the finest of business skills and pioneering techniques.

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a system that includes translating images of typed text into application understandable text. It also includes changing images or pictures into a paradigm format such as ACII or Unicode that can be simply recognized by computers. By making uses of OCR system, we are quite capable to nourish a absolute book or magazine, which can be easily changed into a computer comprehensible file and can be additionally edited making use of a word processor.

By choosing our OCR services you can advantage from a variety of techniques such as creating data entry more rapidly, more precise and competent than ever earlier than. This is extremely quickest mode than even data entry completed through keystroke. OCR offers a great option to keyboarding or manual data entry. No matter what be your business intends or necessity, our proficiency in the segment of OCR services can get hold of you earlier results at an inexpensive prices.

The several types of OCR resources utilized in data entry such as the following:

  • OCR for typewritten text
  • Handwritten or printed text
  • OCR for cursive text
  • Research areas
  • MICR

The essential technology of OCR has enhanced considerably over the last couple of years. In case of precious information recuperation OCR plays a significant position. When it comes to providing greater quality OCR services, we have again and again effort to offer you the most excellent by making use of the complete possible of this inventive technology.

ICR services

We have the capability in offering Intelligent Character Reading (ICR) services at best possible rates. ICR services manages with the conversion of handwritten text as well as numbers into mechanism comprehensible strings or documents. By making use of ICR technology we can offer solutions to change any handwritten report into PDF format or word document layout. ICR allows data capturing through software equipment that can read information from a wide range of documents.

Outsource your OCR services and ICR services by us and obtain consistent results that your business can develop more rapidly.


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